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Related article: Date : Tue, October 4, 2011 22 38th 26 -0400 ( EDT ) From: Dogg u003cnphillydogg aol. com u003e Subject: Closing the gap of -13 BRIDGES -13 I stood before the bathroom mirror, my reflection was and discomfort my hair and makeup. I s on tenterhooks all day waiting for my dad (and boyfriend ) to return to work, ask if Todd Mello field (the postman) had with him about what he saw, talked s in the street from my father? n remember that Nick and I am in it as children from school, throwing caution ( and common sense ) to the wind when the postman came suddenly e-mail with my father. Nick is furious when he grabbed the man by the neck n and pushed him against the wall. "What are you doing here... FUCK'R ? Spying on me... ?" n " N... n... n... no... NO!" stammered the officer and Papas was email. " I... I... L... L... I Mr. Wilcox... MAIL !" Grabbed Nick in the envelopes of the hand of man in uniform... " is not shit... ! I have... ?" he asked, pointing finger directly in the face of man. " O... O.... O.... of course not!" Said the man, ready to pee in your pants. " Fuck outta here ! " Nick yelled and pushed him up ( with a shot in the office of s ). " You think I 'm going to say anything to anyone... " I asked, walking behind Nick, clutching the arm of protection. His show of strength and power is to... , Look and see... " I do not think... " said Nick, my father gave me mail. "... I know that Todd n high school... " he said, keeping an eye on the postman, as n ran down the road in a hurry to escape. "... If he has a good memory , will keep his mouth shut, or take another beat down as he returned n in high school... " "He was to ours...... high school ? " I asked a second look at the postman when he escaped. " Yes.. " Nick said, not to recover the slips of the tongue. "... It is used to, as the wife of my s again, Donna, when we were in school... and I said that I and my gay brother, because he had heard rumors that wewere shit School of fag... " My heart sank when he heard the words' fag schools are perfect lips of Nick. " Of course, if my brother and some of our Friends finished with it, do not tell anyone else secrets from around the world... " " H... that... It was the gay guy, who accused to do... "I asked, listened to , as my name in connection with my self- BOY. Nick turned to my eyes... n " Do you remember the gay son I told him to suck my cock me, I 15th.. "I asked (cap -8). 'Yes' I nodded. " Lester was the son of Alex I I told you... He was talking about a Todd... " " As Todd knows... "I asked, already knowing the answer. " Some of the guys have to brag about the download you were convicted... " Nick admitted, referring to me with indifference by the double negative n (although he still does not know it was me ). ".... how horny I was, and do what he could, almost everything I wanted and ask more... ! Anyway, wanted to stop, when I Donna, I learned that he had disappeared after his father pushed him towards the execution of the house... " " You wanted to break up with him... "I asked surprised even the 10 s years... ick laughed... " " Break Up" is a little strong word... " said, "... we do not out... " he defended, simplify our relationship with the minuet definition... "... It was just a cock sucker... that did half of the school... " " Just for you, please, I'm sure... "He said, reflecting on foot, so that not see me get excited. " I do not really... " Nick told me to follow the path of front door. "... It seemed that out... a lot! " Started flashbacks to fill my mind, I like all the time I remembered to extracted from Nick 's friends on her insistence. As they lined up behind the school , waiting on my face and tight pink teen boys fucking pussy. I remembered Nick and his brother Pedro speaks to me in a very vocala maintenance of his friends, to deny to the point where I sucking cock, if not their friends. To listen as Nick NOW talking about how much of a hoe, I was as if he had his hand on my be promiscuous n... Turned my stomach... "... Hey, are you okay... ?" that s, the statement said, nausea... " is... I feel bad... " he said, grabbed my belly and my forehead dramatically n. " Hey... do not worry... Todd 's going to say anything... " Nick said, hoping to I feel better. " Not so, dass.. " I said, not making eye contact. "... I... I should lie... " "... Here, let me help you inside... " offered, helped me to cross the threshold of on the couch. " Do you feel better... " He asked, to help me, sit. " I... I can not believe that someone who has been intimate with mango to... !" said, I wonder where the woman's left me... ? " Why're so upset that... ?" Nick asked, worried. "I do not even have to I know... " ", which could just imagine what it must have felt like... " He argued, you GAY Alex pleading point. " After he helped her to suck all these years a favor to you and your brother... You just turn it and DUMP , and finally found a willing girl who suck cock... ? " " Alex realized that I was not gay... "Nick fought back and tried to calm down ".... I knew that someday I get the chicks out... I knew it was n Temporary... " " How do you know what he did... ? Did you ask... ? " I asked finally in a position n to say what I always wanted to say 10 years ago. " He probably wanted to... , And all I did was go with it! " " Where is this... " When I asked Nick, distrustful ` Uh- oh. " - I thought you might have thought he also said, a lot. Nick finally put two and two together... ? Is any way BOY know that only protect Alex, because I was Alex... ? I felt like my heart was pounding in my chest and wondered what Nick would say, or Iif it is suspected that he was being a child? "Tell me... Alex, you need somehow himself like this child, Alex," he said, confusing my fragile brain. " uh... " was all I could afford what I did. " Listen baby... " he said, and knelt beside me. "... What happened between my Wilcox and Alex and you and I are two completely different things... " It s I said, put his hand on my knee. "We were just kids... , This is different ! " "How is this different from what it was two... " I wanted to ask, sedation. "She uses it, Donna came... and now Index Lolita is using me... ! Go Where is... ? " I ventured to ask, get a glimpse of a deer in Nick headlights. is simply annoyed me more... "Is it going anywhere... " I request. " Married... I'm engaged to be married... I do not want ruin what I have to shoot directly with Lester in the straw with someone n to only be able to commit, as long as your erection! " \\ \\ n " That's it... think of me? " Nick asked, looking hurt. "This is not n just a one time thing for me... " he Index Lolita admitted, that my heart Pitter -Pat. "... I love you in my life, as long as you want me... !" continued ( music to my ears). " Oh, Nick... " I smiled, giddy. "... Means what I think it is called... ?" I asked. " In any case... " he said, touching the side of my face gently. "I'd like... FUCK for the rest of my life is that," he said, letting the air out of my bladder. " Fuck me... " I asked, he pushed him. "What... " I choked, not to say his name... "...... Donna " " My wife... " I asked, as if thinking about it first. "What s in your... " "My thoughts exactly... " I said sarcastically. " What about your... ?" " Oh... " said Nick, who seems to have just seen a ghost. "... You are not I hope I do... my wife... you are... ?" he asked when it would be n of the absurd, who had never heard. "My God... Alex, she is the mother of my the kids... " " And that makes it even more important thfor me and Lester... "I asked, ask why I wait for the sacrifice... ? " Donna and I have a story... "Says Nick, not knowing me and my father s the story ".... what you have and the old Lester is sick! " " he says, "I said angrily, jumped out of my seat, " Lester loves me... And not only for my body! He loves me ! The whole package ! " " Baby Come on, this can not be... "Nick said, trying to sweet talk me tried to pull me down on the couch... n " No... Do not touch me ! " I shouted, pushing him. "OUT! Exit Lester home! "N " You act like this... Why're " When I asked Nick, and that pushed him to the door. " You know, I have a family... I have obligations... " " And I also.. "He said, pushing it out ".... by Lester, "concluded that, the door in his face. Nick knocked on the door for about 5 minutes before he realized n was a lost cause and left. I ran down the stairs to my old bedroom and called my ​​eyes and I felt like the 15ar -old who had just been discharged. What n a fool I was, I think Nick could steal a real woman with all This fake plastic surgery ? Nothing the doctors could give me was able to keep up n with a baby with the man you love ! What if Dad realized I can not have children... ? It would still want to know, I in all this? Pull me together, I was (Alex Young straightened bed) went to the bathroom to freshen up before Dad got home. If s over between me and Nick, it was better to start preparing to be Lester future Mrs. Wilcox ! dad came home straight from work. I took a deep breath ( Settings finishing touches on my hair and makeup - after a shower ) before down. I expected to see Dad was alone, but, surprisingly, we find had company. "It is beautiful... " father asked as he walked down the stairs like a fame. " is very safe... " said two of the colleagues of my father and looked up as is a side of meat. " Inex... What is Michael and Paul... , Two of my best friends to work. Mike, Paul, this is Alex... Led my boyfriend... "Dad. " Hello. "I said politely, without ogling their hungry eyes on me as I was with his father. " What do you get that old to be his friend... " Mike asked, does not stop and my cleavage. S laughed politely as I backed down my flirtatious blonde locks ( habit). " I think I have a fetish for older men... "I said. " Now you have three older men are here in front of you... "He said Mike would practically salivating at the lips. Dad thought his friend was joke No, but I realized that Mike took me in a blink of an eye are in the forefront of a new year's float in the center of town if I did. I n actually see the formation of a large lump in the crotch of his uniform. "I remember when you learned in Lester the first day... " Paul said,"... if that was wear that tight dress... (Cap 1)... We were all like ", whichll is... ? However, Lester was the only smart enough to walk n and say hello... " " if we only know that you are open to older men... "Mike said, was the father s that in laughter. They had no idea that the chance meeting was no accident , I knew it would be father in the bar after work, and made sure that n vi... na I went home that night around with, but had to walk and give you a blow... me! said my ​​dad is the reason for the fulfillment of his friends were to me this his best man and groomsman. When I told him he had no plans to enter a name bridesmaid or maid of honor, offered (all men ) Susie restaurant s. was a I did not want joke at the wedding, you can just behind me was on the altar, I could only see me pushing n and under my seat, when the preacher said, ' speak now or forever hold your hole peace. " " I do not think Lester... " I said and put on a fake smile on your friends. "... Index Lolita Why not?" Father asked, naively. "Susie is a great help to me in recent years as... ! I'm sure both Index Lolita of us if asked would be a Maid of Honor... " " You do not know women well before I... " Laughed Mike, see my dilemma. " Susie did not want to be with a woman as beautiful as Alex here... You then look to marry the man, will focus on for years... " " Thanks, Mike... "He said : (gives perverted old hand ), then feel like someone else in this godforsaken town spinster Susie seemed that she really was !" I tried to tell as they met Lester for the first time, she likes it! But he always says ' oh no, we're friends "... " " can be friends... " Mike said, hitting Paul in the ribs with his elbow n ".... But that does not mean that your bones do not skip the first sign that he , you might be interested... " " I know, right... ? " I agreed. " I realized I liked the way it s looked at me when she was under my command... as I have a cockroach that only draggedon a napkin or something... " " beautiful cockroach Lil ' I've seen... "Mike smiled, wanted to bury a his face into my chest. " Sorry... "Dad, he said, still in denial ".... I do not see... ! Susie I have a lot of time alone together in the past few years, talk of my ​​late wife, talking about my son Alex, his divorce from Joe and education of their children speak alone... and never intimate... ! Never! " " That's because you are not the brightest bulb in the box are Lester... ! "Jokes Mike. " Women do not spend Index Lolita time with you in some way, if you really Index Lolita like that... "He added. " Am I right, Alex... " "Of course! "I agreed, holding my hand from my father's strong arm. " If I clunk on the head and take my place, I bet you do! " " You are all crazy... "Dad said, not seeing the signs. While he talks about who else could in the city, right in my game maid of honor, and I heard my phone makes small noises coming from my bag denotes ISMS message. Consult the news was from Nick told me that I'm sorry " was he, as 'important' I become the life of your s in such a short period of time. And although there is no known n other for a long time, feels ' pulled ' to me, and I can not imagine, the rest of his life without me in it. sent you a message and said how sorry he was. Then he sent me a the image of his hard cock ( my ass pucker thick), along with an address n. ` See you here tomorrow at noon," All that was said. I was on pins and hands, eager to see him again. dad friends while leaving the solution of the WHO , my bridesmaids should be. ordered to go, then on the sofa movies. sucked Papas queue ( saving my pussy Nick) before going to bed. father embraced back me, before falling asleep for no sleep. I ( of course) wink and thought about my exciting meeting the next day. a the next morning I woke up and dad eating pussy. I dreaming Nick was,and was proud to call your name in my sleep. I'm not sure how long his father was there to eat the stairs, but had worked quite an appetite, and I had something more important you want to in me. Up in Me, the father dropped his cock inside me, sliding all the way to his hairy balls. "You're so beautiful, Alex... " - whispered, grinding his cock inside me. I smiled when he began to Powered by me, feeding my vagina meat. dad pumped for 30 minutes on me, squeezed my tits with giant hot hands, kissing sucking my erect nipples, lick my neck, palms her ass from below and hit balls me every time if your went home with his hard cock. As good as sex with the father, could not expect sex helps noon with Nick. He knew that after our fight, probably n I pick my brain, which depends on me. My whole body tingling around the thought of fucking me, my soul was filled. Dad did not come s too soon after, flooding my puss and his team - milk. I slipped on a par panties, his sperm was dripping from my legs while walking to keep cook breakfast for him. dad dropped after your shower, breakfast is waiting for on the table. "What is the special occasion... " He asked, buttoning a shirt clean uniform n when he entered the kitchen. "Just preparing for the long term... " I bowed and kissed him. "I like that.. ! " Dad smiled. " So you're really into this... ?" He asked, under a seat at the table. ".. What do you mean ?" I asked, pouring coffee. " You were so hesitant before... " he recalls ( Chapter -11), "Are you sure... You are on board with this... ?" "I'm not sure what you want... " I said, feeling like a yo -yo, I with him. "But... I love you... " I added, to smile. "... I want to wrap my brain around this for a while before it... anything! You understand, do not you... ?" n "If it is kept here in my life... I always committed to... " said Dad,Throw Index Lolita away my clothes in my company to suck tits. I laughed out loud when cradled her head against my chest, feeling her lips around my nipples. 15 minutes later, the father goes to work, while I cleaned the kitchen n and ran upstairs to get ready for my date. I took my hormone injections, my vitamins, showered, washed (front and back ), peeled, cut and in a patch my pubic hair, moisturized, my makeup, my hair, and then slid in a knee- heel -n silk dress and a piece of high (no underwear) and Nick ate our lunch appointment. The address he gave me, proved to be a property of its real estate companies represented. It was a beautiful big house on top of the hill Netherlands , overlooking the valley. I went into the driveway behind Nicks car and headed to the front door (which was left open for me). "... Hello? " I called the big house with hardwood floors empty and high ceilings. "Nick... here... " I asked to enter it. However, beforecan someone answer, I felt a hand cover my mouth quickly, as if someone grabbed me from behind... ( Do not know where the good part... )... Then came... ___________________________________ Do you have an opinion... ? If this is so, or if you want to read More of this story, write to NPHILLYDOGG aol. com Your questions, comments, and suggestions. The more e- mails I get, the faster than the stories to follow... PS read the titles of others for me ( non- transgender), show me prolific author Nifty is section n at the top of your home page \\ \\ n For a full list see my title.
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